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Motion Sensor 1901

Brand: Kason

Master Part Number: 154
1901A Motion Sensor

Categories: Walk-In Cooler Accessories
Specifically engineered for installation in Walk-in coolers and freezers
Uses electronic components to allow for reliable operation in extreme temperatures
Features a gasketed water-tight enclosure which prevents moisture and dust from entering the sensor and affecting occupancy detection
Saves Energy
Meets Federal energy regulations for walk-ins
Operation: Passive infrared sensor detects motion and turns lights on at temperatures below freezing
Uses DIP switches to set time delay and PIR sensitivity
For use with all Kason light fixtures
Voltage 120/277 V at 50/60 Hz Load 120 V with 0 to 800 W ballast; 277 V with 0 to 1200 W ballast
Temperature Ratings -20°F (-28.9°C) minimum; 160°F (60°C) maximum
1901A Motion Sensor
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