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Closer 1096M

Brand: Kason

Master Part Number: 3503
Kason 1096M adjustable door closer

Categories: Walk-In Cooler Door Hardware
  • 1096M provides closing assistance for hard to close small, medium and large walk-in doors
  • Easy incremental torque adjustment
  • Accommodates left and right handed doors
  • Works with cam rise and fixed pivot hinges
  • Aluminum body for improved corrosion resistance
  • Central shaft designed with nylon bushings for smooth operation
  • 1096M torque-limiting clutch protects against over torquing the torsion spring
  • 1096M strike capture wire retains power arm for safe operation
  • (8) torque settings. Maximum torque 132in-lbs
  • Mounting Plate: Aluminum
  • Housing: Cast Aluminum
  • Springs: Steel
  • Roller: Nylon
  • Roller Guide: Cast Aluminum
  • Hardware: Stainless Steel
  • Clutch: Aluminum bronze alloy
  • Indexing pin: Aluminum bronze alloy
  • Tube: Aluminum
  • Approximate range: 3 ft wide x 7 ft tall up to 6 ft wide x 10 ft tall
  • 50 lbs to 250 lbs
  • Flush to 2" (50.8mm) offset, max door opening 175 to 180 degrees on hinge and offset
Kason 1096M adjustable door closer
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