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Closer 1097

Brand: Kason

Master Part Number: 168
Kason 1097 spring action door closer, polished chrome

Categories: Door Hardware
  • High tension closer recommended for doors exceeding 200 lb. (90.7kg)
  • Spring tension can be set to close door under a wide range of conditions
  • Roller rod guide assures smooth operation with either rise or fixed pin hinges
  • Invert for left-hand applications
CAUTION: For operator safety, Model No. 1097 door closer is intended to be used where high force is necessary to close heavy doors. Mount door closer as low as possible. Do not use door closer winding mechanism to hold doors open.
  • Malleable iron with steel rod and tube
  • Polished chrome
  • Guide drilled for 1/4" (6.0mm) screws. Closer drilled for 3/8" (9.0mm) screws. Mount just above lower hinge for best results.
Kason 1097 spring action door closer, polished chrome
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